Sunday, November 22, 2009

The biggest Christmas tree of Germany

You can find the biggest Christmas tree of Germany on Dortmund Christmas Market. It is 45 meter high and adorned with round about 40,000 little lights, 20 candles and a 4 m high angel (weight 200 kg). It is built from 1,700 Norway spruces and takes 4 weeks to finish.

in the afternoon

in the evening


Prim Girl said...

wow, 46 meter hoch, enorm , wäre super, nochmals ein bild einzustellen wenn der baum geschmückt ist:), oder bleibt er so?
Schönes foto, liebe Grüße aus Bremen!

**Bila Comel Jadi Comot** said...

wow so height-love to see live if i can

Carl said...

Hello Herby,
It looks like it will spectualr..would be great fun to see it.

Morten Pedersen said...

Hurra for Norway!

ChoiBlog.TK said...

hehe tree higher than I always hehe

Conspicuo y Perspicuo said...

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bali indonesia tourism said...

wowww.... i wish i could have that xmas tree in my house :p

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Nick Phillips said...

Wow, that tree is spectacular :D

Anonymous said...

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chitra said...


on the edge said...

WOW ! That is so cool ! Would love to see it when it has all the lights on at night .

International Relations said...

hmmmm,, Beautyfull :)

leon said...

großartiges tannenbaum, bin sehr beeindruckt davon. vielen dank für dieses wunderschöne foto.

Cinnamon said...

I love your Christmas blogposts. The giant christmas tree light..... It's so heartwarming. - European Christmas touch.

Conspicuo y Perspicuo said...

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gilbert said...

Oh my good! huge tree, maybe this could include record-breaking ......

Information about New Zealand said...

We don't have anything like that here in New Zealand!!

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