Monday, September 21, 2009

World Children's Day

On the 20th of September there was the World Children's Day, celebrated in many countries. In the school of my son, chlidren made drums for this day and they played the drums for many reasons, they have the right do be wrong sometimes, to be loud. And they have been drumming to remind that no one shall do harm to children.

I added the famous song Kinder (Children) from Bettina Wegner, a song also performed by Joan Baez and many other, but here as the original

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The Oktoberfest in Munich the largest festival in the world started yesterday again. It is an festival with an old tradition and now of course a very big business. About 6 million visitors from all around the world come to see this festival every year. There are about 100,000 seats in the big festival halls (tents). The economic influence is very big too, during the 16 days are spent 450 Mio EURO on the festival grounds for food, drinks and entertainment. The photos are from webcams from today.
Here are some links for this festival:
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