Friday, January 09, 2009

Giant Panda in Berlin Zoo

The original Elephant Gate built in 1899 was completely destroyed in the last war and reconstructed in 1984.
The most popular resident of the Berlin Zoo is the Giant Panda BaoBao born in 1978 anf in Berlin Zoo since 1980


qiman's world said...

Wow, I loved that pic of Bao Bao the Panda, keep uploading these wonderful pics for us. Thank you.

prabakaran said...

hey nice blog....
wow!! wonderful picture of panda

Anonymous said...

Wow, your fabulous picks gifted me the wonderful journey. It was just unforgeable. Thank you. Your blog looks like the faerie tale - wow! Grand.

! ky said...

Hi Herby
nice blog with superb pitcure of that panda Bao Bao,
iam kven n ur blog listed as blog of the day in mine through Entrecard.
will keep checking for update keep them coming


ella said...

hello there... thanks for stopping by my site. oh, i'll show your shot of the panda to my students tomorrow. im sure they're going to love it. keep shooting!

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